empreza frutas madrid mayoristas niqui
company frutas niqui madrimport sl
company frutas niqui madrimport sl
In 1992 in a small leased store (building Climadis, Mercamadrid) we started our import activity with the name of MADRIMPORT, S.L., a “joint venture” made up with four wholesale fruit distribution companies. For this we outsourced that part of the operation. These are intense years of business operations in Europe and
America, especially with France, Italy, Chile and Argentina.
company frutas niqui madrimport sl
With the activity consolidated and in full operation, the company is established in a new, more adequate warehouse (Edificio Ibérica). During this decade, we establish relations with many countries located in the southern hemisphere, such as Peru, where MADRIMPORT, S.L. is a pioneer in the importation of asparagus and grapes.
company frutas niqui madrimport sl
We launched our own brand “Kiss”, especially identified with asparagus. It is a period of expansion where we made the first purchases in China and South Africa,
consolidating this last country as one of our main ones on the citrus products importation.
Finally, the company is composed of the Niqui brothers in partnership with the Grupo Ibérica. A strong investment is made to acquire new facilities, this time in a totally independent building, on the high platform of Mercamadrid.
company frutas niqui madrimport sl
After a change in the Management Board, Javier Niqui, current CEO of the company, acquires the stake of the rest of his brothers, initiating the transition process to a professionalized structure.
company frutas niqui madrimport sl
FRUTAS NIQUI MADRIMPORT, S.L. becomes the supply coordinator of the most outstanding wholesalers, providing the best brands and five- star quality service.
company frutas niqui madrimport sl
In our constant effort to offer the best fruits and vegetables products, we explored and confirmed market with Poland, currently the leading European apple producer.
company frutas niqui madrimport sl
In the last years, in order to provide a five-star quality service to our customers, we have expanded our product portfolio incorporating the Kiwi Gold variety Sorelli from Portugal and the Pineapple MD2 Golden from Colombia. We have also strengthened sales operations to other EU countries such as France, Italy, Portugal and Poland.
company frutas niqui madrimport sl


More than 25 years of experience consolidates us in the fruits and vegetables import industry.


Our specialized import experts have a deep knowledge of the international market: products, origins, exporting companies and logistics.


We are pioneers in the asparagus importation from Peru, and in the apple and citrus products from the Southern Cone Region.


We deliver to large brands supplying to wholesalers, retailers and to food service companies and restaurants.


Our headquarters are located in Mercamadrid: the largest European market for fresh products. The geolocation facilitates our logistics.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, optimal for the horticultural products preservation.


We have the best logistics, with 3,000 m2 of warehouses distributed in 9 cold rooms, with a capacity for a 1,000 wood pallets.


We are known by our personalized customer service that allows us to take care of our client`s best interest at all times, transmitting timely information on available products, campaigns and product status.
company frutas niqui madrimport sl